How to improve Qlikview data model?




I am facing challenges with Qlikview data modeling while working with multiple tables. My current model has multiple synthetic keys and it slows down the dashboard performance.

Can any one help with methods to improve data model and how to optimize dashboard performance?




Generation of synthetic keys doesn’t necessarily mean bad performance. They are only bad, if they get generated due to bad data model. In these cases, this can also lead to incorrect output. I would suggest you to understand the structure of data table and use appropriate join(s) or concatenation or other mapping functions to link these tables. You can refer below articles for more detail on synthetic keys.

You can also look at below points to improve performance of Qlikview dashboard:

Developer End

  • Reducing the number of distinct values
  • The amount of data in the document
  • Efficiency of expressions
  • Number of objects on the layout

Server End

  • The amount of memory on the Server
  • The number of CPU cores available on the Server

Hope this helps!