How to install xgboost package on x32 bit windows for python?




I am using anaconda and need to install xgboost package, as it is not preinstalled.I tried method described on github:, with no success. I need to install for x32 bit windows 7. Any help would be appreciated.


@munitech4u Unfortunately an xgboost package for Windows does not appear to be available in the Anaconda repo.

>>anaconda search -t conda xgboost
Using anaconda-server api site
Run 'anaconda show <USER/PACKAGE>' to get more details:
     Name                      |  Version | Package Types   | Platforms
     ------------------------- |   ------ | --------------- | ---------------
     akode/xgboost             |      0.3 | conda           | osx-64
     aterrel/xgboost           |    0.4.0 | conda           | linux-64, osx-64
                                          : An optimized general purpose gradient boosting library.
Found 2 packages


Yes, it is not available with anaconda. Infact the direct pip install is disabled for this package, as it has some problem with windows in that kind of installation mode. So i referred to the the github link, where the method to compile and install is given on windows platform. I only had partial success with that and had posted the error log in github. I was wondering if somebody has installed it on windows or might have pre-compiled libraries.


You can clone the XGBoost directly from github repo.

Below is the link to the the steps needed to make it working on windows:

Hope this helps.



Have you installed xgboost in python.
Please guide how to install. I am stuck on it for quite few days.



Any one installed xgboost in anaconda ?
could you please suggest the detail step for new one…



so far no success, there is still some problem in compilation, I think they are working on it. For now, rely on R for running xgboost


try this method. this is the best method i have seen so far (Python3)(dont have to compile it yourself).
will work on anaconda, and has scikit-learn wrapper. xgboost whl file from (make sure to match your python version and system architecture, e.g. “xgboost-0.6-cp35-cp35m-win_amd64.whl” for python 3.5 on 64-bit machine)
2. open command prompt
3. cd to your Downloads folder (or wherever you saved the whl file)
4. pip install xgboost-0.6-cp35-cp35m-win_amd64.whl (or whatever your whl file is named)

If you find it won’t install because of a missing dependency, download and install the dependency first and retry.

If it complains about access permissions, try opening your command prompt as Administrator and retry.

I found this on stackoverflow and works well in my system


About 18 months after my previous reply, I have some good news (for those who may not be aware of this): xgboost is available from Anaconda. All major OSs and architectures are covered. For both Python and R. This is not a third-party package on Anaconda Cloud but one that is maintained by Continuum Analytics, the people behind Anaconda.