How to interpret the plot of factors in R




This is the plot of factor 1 vs factor 2 in factor analysis.How do I interpret this output?Also the plot is not quite clear.How do i get a more clearer one.
The code I am using:

load <- fit$loadings[,1:3] 
plot(load,type="p") # set up plot 
text(load,labels=names(bank),cex=0.6,col = "blue") # add variable names

  1. The output of the above plot could be used to understand the relative influence of the variables on the Factor1 and Factor2.
    For example, the entry that has 0.8 on the x-axis while it has 0.0 on the y-axis means that while it is very important for the Factor1 it has no contribution in the Factor2.
  2. To make better plots, you can either use the ggplot2 package. Or to improve readability in the above code, increase the font size using the cex argument.

Let me know if you have any other doubts.