How to interpret the result of a logistic regression model?



I am currently solving one classification problem using logistic regression algorithm.

I want to know how the logistic regression model calculates the variables of his formula out of his all the variable in the data and why it’s are different from all the coefficients mention in the summary.

I also want to know the what does degree of freedom means in the summary.


hello @harry,

In this model the variables of the model have been created from the original variables in the data.
For example Founders Industry Exposure has three levels : low medium high.So two dummy variables Founders_Industry_exxposureMedium,Founders_Industry_exxposureLow are being created which will measure the change in Y for Founders_Industry_exxposureLow w.r.t exposure = high.

Degrees of freedom will be N - k - 1,where N = Number of obs and k = number of variables in the model.
This measures how many degrees of freedom we are loosing because of estimating population parameters from sample statistics.
Hope this helps!!