How to learn big data analytics with R?



I am working as a Data Scientist from 2 years and we work on only structured data. I have decent experience with extracting data from SQL Server and Oracle, writing queries. I am trying for a new job now but the big problem am facing during the process is most of the recruiters and interviewers are asking about experience in NoSQL,HDFS,Spark.My experience is with R and I want to know where can I learn the integration of hdfs with R and what is Spark and how we fetch unstructured data into R.I am in huge confusion and literally have no idea where to start and what should I learn.
Please throw some light at me


Hi @vamsi115,

You can refer to this Big Data Learning Path:


Thank you very much, PulkitS


Thanks for sharing and i understand about the Big Data Analytics with R


R and Python are both open source languages. R was developed for Data Science and is matured into machine learning and used vastly by the Mathematicians and Statisticians in the Industry. The new models are more often created in R at first place.

Python is a multi-purpose programming language used by programmers for web development. Software Programmers have started making this popular and the analytics packages have become very competitive. In a lot of companies, a combination of R and Python skilled resources are working in data analytics teams.