How to make a career in Business Analytics - 10 year IT experience?


Hello, I am an IT professional with 10 years experience in Quality Assurance. I worked for Telecom and Logistics industry. I am quite keen in pursuing a career in Business Analytics and Big Data. Please let me know:

  1. If it is worthwhile making the move?
  2. If so what courses should I do to gain the necessary knowledge?




Making a career shift with this high experience would not be an easy move. A meaningful transition can take any where from 12 months - 36 months to happen. Further, you might not get similar designation / responsibilities to start with.

You can read more on this topic here:

Specifically, for the questions you have asked:

  1. Depends on how to define worthwhile? If you can be more specific, I can be more helpful
  2. Once you have made up your mind and you have the resources, you can try for the course from ISB / MISB / Great Lakes. But, keep in mind that none of these institutes provide placement support.



Thanks Kunal for the response. For me worthwhile is:

  1. Being part of the next big thing in the IT industry, which also ensures that my skills are aligned to market demands
  2. And of-course financial stability