How to make a career transition into Analytics after having more than 5 years of experience in software testing ( Manual testing )



Hi ,

I am IT professional with 5.5 years of experience in Software Testing ( manual testing ).

I am interested in making a career transition from IT to Analytics but the problem is i am not sure how can i do that ?

So can you tell that which course should i learn so that after completing the course when i sit for an interview related to Analytics then i should be able to justify my 6 years of experience ( assuming that by the time course will complete i will be having 6 years of experience ) ?

I am not having any prior knowledge related to programming languages like JAVA.

Learning is not an issue for me but the issue is the transition in such a way that my prior IT experience should not go waste when i change my industry from IT to Analytics and also after learning the course i should be getting a CTC of more than 10 Lakhs at least

Kindly provide your valuable input


This may inspire you.


Thanks for the Reply.

In this Article it is mentioned that the person went through the Great Lakes course related to analytics.

What if i cannot pursue any masters or diploma course ?

Is there anything related to training or learning path ?