How to merge two csv file into a one data frame in R?



I am currently working on one classification problem in which I have given three CSV file. It is clear that I can not apply any algorithm while working on this three CSV file .So I came across an idea that if I can combine this three file into one CSV file I can perform any algorithm on to it.But I want to is there a way in R by which I can perform this.


@harry rbind might be usefull :
rbind(data,newdata) //two data set being data and newdata


@harry - I think you are asking about how to merge two CSV file when they have at least one same column.
This can be done by using merge function of R.

final_ data = merge(data,newdata)

This will create a new data frame name as final _data according to the common column.

Hope this helps!



Hey @harry yesterday i have found out a faster way to join two or more data sets based on some common variable. But before doing it make sure that the variable based on which you are merging must have same header.
require(plyr) mergedata <- join(x=data1, y=data2, by = common variable)
this should work faster than merge.
Hope this helps.