How to predict Contract winning changes?



In our Data Warehouse we have complete project financial data - from bidding process to project closure
i.e. identification, bidding, opportunities, pipeline, signings, forecast, contracts health status, contracts claims, invoices, cost, revenue, grass profits and all other related data like employees, clients, partners etc…
basically we have complete data ready with us.
“management wants to analyse the opportunity winning chances for our bids & proposals”

I am very new to predictive analytics, some basic knowledge on python pandas module,
no idea on which statistical/machine learning functions to use, just started learning.

I use python,shell script & SQL for ETL (our sources are web, spread sheet, csv, RDBMS db’s) and
I have good experience on ETL, DB Administration, Data Modelling, Cognos Reporting OLAP/Data Warehouse.

I want to utilize this opportunity to start my carrier in data science area,
“I got 2 weeks max to showcase some initial template”.

How should I approach, which functions to use, some suggestions please ?


@EVGReddy Here’s a guide I would think would help you


Thank you its very much useful for me


We can use testing of proportion or Bayesian theory approach.


Thank you very much for helping me, I will try Bayesian Theory approach.