How to prepare for SAS analyst?

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I’m Arpita. done MCA (2014 passed out). I have worked as a java developer for 1 year. for certain reason, i had to quit my job. so it been a year that I’m unemployed. recently I completed a training on SAS that covers Base SAS, Advanced SAS, and Advanced Programming using SAS and predictive analysis using SAS. I couldn’t grasp enough from the predictive part, as in jus 10 days they covered the whole thing. Can someone tell me, how should I prepare myself to get into the field of data analytics and business intelligence?

10 days to cover what you said in SAS and if you could grasp anything out of it you are in a different league. If you look at the site and view various posts you will get an idea about how you can prepare yourself to get into DA or BI. Start with learning paths and it provides nice logical approach to DA or BI.

Most importantly if you want to be SAS analyst, get yourself certified.

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Grasping SAS in 10 days is just a way too much of an expectation. But yes work on the cases and data they provided(if?) and practice a lot. Visit websites of universities(Eg: HARVARD) where they share case studies and try to solve them on your own. Only then you will be able to sell yourself in interviews as your own worked on cases.
Also, why you left your job is also a big aspect of you landing a job as a SAS expert. If you left it because of unavoidable family problems then its okay, but I have seen many candidates not getting selected because either they were fired or they left because of petty reasons which showed them as quitters. The analytics world is a tough and challenging but a very interesting world, so brace yourself and be ready to put in that extra effort.
PS: Data analytics and BI are two different sub fields in the broader field of analytics. Best of luck with your job hunt.

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