How to present transformed factors to clients?




In one of my logistic model, I did many feature transformations to attain good accuracy. I have to present the top 10 influencing factors which are significant to my clients. Now, Should I use the actual data to create charts in presentation or the transformed data of the feature?


if you want to show relational features say regression line chart, you wont be able to show if you try to plot actual feature against outcome, as there is no relationship. You have to show transformed features v/s outcome while explaining the importance of the transformation.


As designer who agreement with customers, we all have to face one state of affairs, no matter how hard and painful, and that is guiding the client to accept that your design is perfect. Now, you already have the project, so this is not a matter of convincing them to pick you for the job. This is about getting them to see that your design satisfies their requirements and contains everything they want.