How to print heading of fields on every page in excel?




I am printing data set having more than 100 records. Now, when I print, it has three pages, but heading of fields only appearing on the first page only. In this case, whenever I look at data on the second and third page, I need to refer the field heading from the first page. Is there any way to print field heading on every page.



Hey Mukesh,

Really good questions. Though I dont have right answer for that. But can you please do the printing after doing freeze top row and see the result?. Let me know whether you the right output as per your wish. Please do that and let me know. I am waiting for your reply



By default, Excel does not print the column headings or row headings, that can be seen on the screen. But you can try this

Select the worksheet which you want to print
Go to Page Layout tab
In Sheet Options under Headings select Print check box

That’s it now try and print the data set



You can perform it by giving address of rows to repeat. This option can be accessed under Page Layout. Below are the steps to perform it (Excel 2013).

Step-1: Go to Page Layout tab
Step-2: Move to Print Titles under Page setup
Step-3: Provide address of rows to repeat (Address of header row)

Hope this helps!