How to properly extract time series hourly data?



in the time series hourly data , date is not starting from 1 january it is infact starting from 25-08-2012 to 25-09-2014
in the ts() function
footfall_5 <- ts(mat[,3],start=c(2012,8,25),freq=365*24)
plot is showing the graph from 1 january 2012.
if above syntax is wrong please make it right or another way to do it.


I guess you are using R programming ‘forecast/xts’ package. You mentioned starting point in start=c(2012,8,25) so it will start from 25-08-2012. Also remember ts only builds frequency distribution corresponding to interval specified.
A time series object is a vector (univariate) or matrix (multivariate) with additional attributes, including time indices for each observation, the sampling frequency and time increment between observations, and the cycle length for periodic data. Such objects are of the ts class, and represent data that has been observed at (approximately) equally spaced time points.