How to resolve error while connecting to twitter api in R




I am using the below code to connect to twitter api to extract some tweets:

As you can see that I am getting an error above.
Can someone please help me correct this??


Hi @pagal_guy

first you shared some private information there, be careful next time. Really is it your information? I guess you copy from somewhere. To be able to work with twitter you have to register one app did you do this?



hello @Lesaffrea,

Will be careful from next time,thanks.This is indeed my data and yes I have created the api.
Can you please help me on the problem??


hi @pagal_guy

as it is your references, the problem is in the environment, which version of twitterR I use 1.1.9 on mac and it seems ok, some people mentioned one issue with the packages did you check httr library, there was problem with the version 1.0, with 1.1 seems to work

Hope this help