How to resolve error while importing csv into R through h2o library




I am trying to use the h2o library in R so that I can use some of it’s deep learning libraries for classification problem,but I am facing trouble in importing the data:

#Using deep learning in h2o:
localH2O = h2o.init(ip = "localhost", port = 54321, startH2O = TRUE)

However when I am trying to import the data:

## Import MNIST CSV as H2O:
train <- h2o.importFile(localH2O, path = "/train.csv")

I am getting an error:

> train <- h2o.importFile(localH2O, path = "/train.csv")
Error: is.character(key) && length(key) == 1L && ! is not TRUE

I am not being able to figure out what this error is and how to remove it.
Can someone please help me with this??


@hackers - You can refer to this script for removing the error

Hope this helps!