How to restrict users to change value of a dimension in Qlikview dashboard?




My dashboard has five tabs (Summary, Products,Operation, Manpower and Competition). I want to restrict users to change the value of a dimension “Year” on Products, Operation and Manpower tab but when he/ she navigate to Summary and Competition tab then can select another value of year.

I am aware it can be done on entire dashboard using Lock field but how can I lock and unlock it dynamically?

Please help!

Thanks, Ravi



Yes, you are right there is an option to Lock and Unlock field but it is uniform across all sheets. Now, to make it dynamic based on sheet selection, we need to use Triggers option available under sheet properties. It is like performing set of given tasks while selecting and leaving sheet. Follow below steps to perform it:

Step 1: Select Sheet --> Go to Sheet Properties --> Triggers --> Select (OnActivateSheet/ OnLeaveSheet). In your case select onActivateSheet because you want to lock filed when user navigate to Product, Operation and Manpower Sheet.

Step 2: Click On ADD action --> ADD --> below you have action type and related actions you want to perform.

Step 3: In your example, select Action Type as “Selection” and “Lock field” as Action, click on Ok.

Step 4: Provide the name of field which you want to lock and press Ok and Apply. Similarly you can define triggers for rest of sheet.

  • Lock field for Product, Operation and Manpower
  • Unlock field for Summary and Competition

Hope this helps!