How to return result as answer+ picture in chatbot



I am working on chatbot, This chatbot return multiple results if found . Now I have added picture column in my database , that I have to fetch and shows results in chatbot as - answer + picture. I tried to change in elif block where I am passing result[0][1]:result[0][2],
[0] -means questions , [1] - means answers and [2] - means picture names which are stored in database , previously this bot shows correct result when I modify for picture related task then it does not work. I need your help , how I can modify below code to return result as answer + picture.

def refine_result(self,result):
if results are more than one, perform similarity measurement
from collections import Counter

    link = "\n For more information and queries please contact : "
    if not result:
        return "No matching result for " + self.question + "," + link 
    elif (len(result)==1):
        result4 =[{result[0][1]: result[0][2]}]
        return json.dumps(result4)
        occurance = []
        max_occurance = ""

        for row in result:
            for word in self.clean_text.split():
                if word in row[0].lower():
            if (i>max_score):
                max_score = i

        if occurance.count(max_score)==1:
            return max_occurance
        elif max_score==1:
            return "\n Multiple results found for=>" + "\n*#".join(x[0] for x in result) + "\n*# Enter the specific one.\n"
            final_list = []
            for idx, val in enumerate(occurance):
                if val == max_score:
            return "\n Multiple results found for=> \n" +"\n*#".join(x for x in final_list) + "\n*# Enter the specific one.\n"



result4 =[{result[0]:[2]}]