How to solve a route optimization problem in R




I am trying to solve a route optimization problem in Kaggle which is as follows:

The North Pole is in an uproar over news that Santa's magic sleigh has been stolen. Able to carry all the world's presents in one trip, it was considered crucial to successfully delivering holiday goodies across the globe in one night.

Unwilling to cancel Christmas, Santa is determined to deliver toys to all the good girls and boys using his day-to-day, magic-less sleigh. With so little time to pull off this plan, Santa is once again counting on Kagglers to help.

Given the sleigh's antiquated, weight-limited specifications, your challenge is to optimize the routes and loads Santa will take to and from the North Pole. And don't forget about Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen; Santa is adamant that the best solutions will minimize the toll of this hectic night on his reindeer friends.

A snapshot of the data:

I am guessing that the trips have to be made such that the total weights in each trip is minimized and the overall average weights across all trips is also minimized.

However I am unable to think of a method or package in R to start with.
Can someone please help me with this??
Also,the competition is on till 8 Jan 2016 so if somebody would like to team up for the same,it would be great.




well well this is one optimisation problem, so we have few methods there from aunt colonies if you believe in natural sort of algorithms to simulated annealing or optimisation with travelling sale man, as this one is NP hard … you must use one heuristic and there aunt could help.

To my knowledge in R you can use few packages travelling sale man is there but but the Kaggle problem is with 10000 gifts and therefore if you start with matrixes you will face issues even with Big_matrix.

In few words for this problem a lot of exploration but a good problem.

Have fun.