How to start a career in data science


Hi I am commerce graduate with 6 years of experience in banking sector. I have very minimal knowledge in maths/stats/programming. I you could guide me through am ready to learn and develop my weaker sections. Also is it really possible for a commerce graduate to enter data science field??



you can easly start carrier in data science. first of all you learn python and R language . than easy to learn machine learning and artificial intelligence. if you learn python than you can join best python training classes in Delhi



you can easly start carrier in data science if you have good understanding in mathmethics knowledge .and also knowledge of python and R language.if you want carrier in data science than you can learn python and R language
following step are to start your carrier in data science

Step 0 Figure out what you need to learn
Step 1 Get comfortable with Python
Step 2 Learn data analysis, manipulation, and visualization with pandas
Step 3 Learn machine learning with scikit-learn
Step 4 Understand machine learning in more depth
Step 5 Keep learning and practicing