How to Start and Get Going in ML?



Hello Sir ,
I’m Gokulakannan Doing my B.E Civil Engineering at present, But my primary interest has always been Computers,Internet … I’ll get my career going in programming or ML. I can get a career in ML, Data Being a civil engineering candidate.
I’ve just started learning Ml from coursera to get started what are the other thing to do .Am i going in the correct path or help me out with career path. learning path.
Thanks in Advance


Hi @gokulahd, have you seen the learning paths section?


i’ve Seen it but i’m not sure where to start .Currently started ML in coursera is this choice right Can i get going with this or
As given in Learning path or i need to learn “Weka – GUI way to learn Machine Learning” ?


Hello @gokulahd, to learn ML in python from scratch follow this link, to learn ML in R from scratch go through this link. After having the basic idea about ML you should focus on data exploration, go through this article.


Do i have to read this before continuing my ML (Coursera) Course.


you can just follow the learning paths, there you can find the appropriate links to the course videos that you should follow.