How to start project in data science


I have taken Data Analysis and Interpretation Specialization from coursera . How should I approach now to do some projects in data science and how to decide which competition or hackathon on Analytics Vidhya is for me.


I would say just get yourself registered in the analytic websites like below
They have free real time data available for practice.
Regarding your question around participating a competition or hackathon on Analytics Vidhya can be decided based on what topics your course covers, like machine learning/Predictive modeling e.t.c., I will strongly advice to participate almost all competition for which you have 40-50% knowledge , you may fail in initial stages but gather good learning and experience.



There is no specific rule to enter in any competition. Exploratory Data Analysis is a core part and concept of machine learning and statics will remain same for any competition.

Ankit Gupta


Thanks for your valuable suggestions.