How to take model and implement data pipeline and customer facing dashboard?


I have a question related to data science at scale and building a Data Science pipeline and dashboards.

There is a business problem for which I have collected data, created a python notebook and have a predictive model ready. I would now like to to take it to scale, as-in host the end-to-end solution on a cloud, ingest data, run the model and show the prediction and analytics on a customer facing dashboard. But I am lost as to how to go about doing it :frowning:

Can someone give me some pointers as to how to make a production ready solution?

I have been exploring Azure Power BI, Tableau etc. but they expect data (and not model) as source. Do I need Apache Spark?

I understand this is a very broad question but any pointers will be appreciated.



You can consume your model using a flask API this might be helpful for u
, power bi and Tableau are primarily dataviz products, hosting on cloud is better option, if you don’t want to create a python API from scratch, you can try aws sagemaker or azureml… but these are paid look at the billing rate before using them.