How to tune tree parameters in GBM in R?



Hello people,

I was using gbm library to perform gradient boosting in R. There are several parameters that can be tuned in Python according to this blog on Analytics Vidhya.

However, when I saw the documentation of gbm function in R, I didn’t find any such parameters. See here
Is there no provision for setting pruning parameters like ‘min-split’ in R? Please suggest some method for doing this.

Thanks in advance!



The implementation of GBM algorithm in R and python is different, and hence the difference. I would recommend you to see this video to understand GBM in R


Thanks @jalFaizy,

There are relatively fewer parameters in R for GBM. We can set the important ones however like interaction.depth and minobsinnode. These do prune the trees formed quite effectively.


You can check out the GBM function under the library h2o