How to update only missing values in R based on parameters



I have data set as below mentioned script

countries <- c('Ghana', 'Guinea', 'Mali', 'Niger')
withLocation<- data.frame(countries, geocode(countries))

once I run the command then I get data like this

       countries        lon        lat
1          Ghana  -1.023194   7.946527
2         Guinea  -9.696645   9.945587
3           Mali  -3.996166  17.570692
4          Niger         NA         NA

Now I have missing values for ‘Niger’ and want to update that row only as running the google API with complete list will miss different country, please help me to achieve this


Unable to clearly understand your question. Are you asking easiest way to manually populate those two NA values?


First of all Niger is working
second you can do a condition check for lon, lat where values are equal to NA and call google API to geo code it, neglecting the country names which are already geo coded correctly