How to use Principal Components for further analysis



I have done PCA on a dataset which gives me the below output:

> summary(pca_job)
Importance of components:
                           Comp.1     Comp.2     Comp.3     Comp.4     Comp.5      Comp.6
Standard deviation     35.4423752 32.1207773 29.0777646 27.4806992 24.4706949 17.57553914
Proportion of Variance  0.2619009  0.2151114  0.1762842  0.1574515  0.1248487  0.06440337
Cumulative Proportion   0.2619009  0.4770123  0.6532964  0.8107480  0.9355966  1.00000000

Now,how do i see what variables have been combined for each component and how to use these for further analysis in R(like how do i use these PC’s in a regression model.?)
I am sorry if these are very basic questions,but I am completely new to R.