How to use R packages in Tableau?




I am using Tableau as a BI tool for visualization and dashboards. Now I want to extend the use of the tool for data analytics. Can I use R packages in Tableau to develop predictive models and how? Please help!




You can use R packages in Tableau. This integration can be done easily by using the R package Rserve. Once this package is loaded, it is possible to connect Tableau to R using one of 4 functions by using calculated field. These functions are SCRIPT_BOOL, SCRIPT_INT, SCRIPT_REAL, and SCRIPT_STR. The expression that R will evaluate should be in quotes, and the parameters you wish Tableau to send to R should be designated as arg1, arg2, etc. in that expression. After the expression, those parameters need to be defined.

To see the ways to connect Tableau with R, refer below links: