How well do we need to be skilled for getting an internship in data science?



i am a beginner in learning Data science in order to get intership what are the minimum skills required so that i get apply for internships .
Like how much of skill i required in Python,data exploration etc



I know no measure of quantifying skills for the purpose of internships.

All I can say is you should be very comfortable with basic python and its packages like pandas to an extent.

One other criteria which can be used is- if a person can find the solution to the problem in the first google search then he/she is good to go.

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Hi @gokulahd,

Data science is a very diverse field and if you are aiming at a career in it, you have to be calm and patient.

  1. Start with Statistics!
    There is an awesome course on descriptive and Inferential Statistics on Udacity. Start with it as soon as possible.
  2. Next, start with Python if you are interested and make sure that you are able to implement data manipulation through the extensive libraries of Python.

These two steps would be sufficient to land you on a good internship in Data science Remember that getting an internship will not just depend on your skills but also on your curiosity and enthusiasm. Thus, the things I have mentioned above are just some skills you can develop to be safe while applying. Knowledge of statistics will definitely give you an edge over others.

All the best!




I am from Singapore and I am currently NOT a data scientist and I am NOT a programmer but have shown great interest in it.

From job market, in my own personal opinions, these skills are required

a) R or Python or related (I am R trained from Coursera course from john hopkins)
b) mkt is looking at Tableau for dashboard, etc
c) mkt is also looking at hadoop framework.

I do not have experiences on Item ©, because it requires python which I finds learning another language takes time (I mean to deep-dived and be superficial are 2 separate learning curves). Hadoop itself is another platform and consider myself a Microsoft camp person, I hate learning Linux equivalent commands (but I guess no choice). But some commands are pretty similar to .net framework class commands.

For item (a), I tried to read one R article per day to see how things are done. In real life, getting big dataset is very difficult and you will have to find small little dataset which you can work on in your personal experiences and try different machine language algorithms. PRACTICE IS THE KEY.

For item (b) , many similar tools available and available in the net for tutorials.

Statistics Maths subject - hmmm I did that in my bachelor many years ago and to ask me to interpret those parameters stated in algorithms, it really takes time and at times, I google for answers to INTERPRET them.


Hi @gokulahd

One think for internship we look at is the University (ranking) your are from and then the degree, your involvement outside such as Hackatlon is also a plus, the project you did if you did some come with your portfolio at the interview (highly advised with good presentation… specially if in consulting like) .
Basic of in programming is good anyway in some companies (good one) you have a mentor or senior consultant with you. Perhaps the most important to keep in mind we look at potential for internship as for grad program.
Hope this help