HR Analytics and how to make a move into it?



Hi all,

I truly appreciate your sincere efforts in spreading the word and educating the masses on Analytics.

I was hoping if you could help me understand how I can make a move from HR Recruitment into Analytics. I have even considered taking a break from the job and going for a PGDBA (Praxis or Great Lakes), But I wanted to know if there is any other way I can get some exposure into the field of Analytics while I keep my job.




There are no shortcuts to this transition! How much experience do you have? Also, what is your education background? Where are you based?

Praxis is a full time offering, while Great Lakes is a part time course - so you can still do Great Lakes with your job. That does not mean that the efforts you will need to put in will decrease. If any thing, it would actually increase.




I have 2.6 years of experience in Recruitment and academically, I have done B.Tech (EC) and a Diploma in Business Management from Symbiosis, Pune. I now stay and work in Bangalore.

I will mostly go for Praxis but I was wondering if my current work experience would come into play during placements or would it be a fresh start after the course. Do you get any preference if you have any kind of work experience, or you’re treated like a fresher?