I keep getting an error Unnamed 0 is seen in your code when I want to submit my solution



When I what to submit my solution to solution checker it gives me the following error:

Keys: [Unnamed: 0] were not expected but found in your submission.

What am I missing?


Hi @miremad,

You probably have a column with the header 0. Please share the screenshot of the first few rows in submission file.


Hi, Here it is


The csv file you submit should only have two columns. Loan_ID and Loan_Status. Instead, you have three columns, one represents the index which starts from 0.

Ideally, the submission file should be like :



Hi @miremad,

Please share your submission file. That would help us to clarify the doubt in a better way.


I removed the Column and it worked. Thanks!


[something: Name of Column] means you have an error with this Column “in your case it’s 0”
not expected but found this means it should not be found in your submission.
Please @miremad read you problem logs carefully and be open minded and you’ll find any solution for your problems.


I’m having the same issue
(Keys: [Unnamed: 0] were not expected but found in your submission.),

however, I don’t have a 0 index. It is also a .csv file, so it’s not that


Hi @kyle.flashman,

please share the submission file with me at aishwarya@analyticsvidhya.com


Just drop the index of the file you are submitting :grin:


Just Drop the index column from your csv files. it will just work file :star_struck: