I need a help to figure out right approach/ Scenario in dealing with NLP for user bot conversation (chatbot)

I was starting with exploring ML NLP concepts and was trying to build a bot and learned the conceptual/technical needs and how to handle those like Entity extraction and finding custom entity. defining a intent like those. And finally get in to real time user conversation scenario which was given below (I was considering a basic email address asked by bot).

**Scenario 1**
*Here the conversation goes in 3 levels of messages. where bot prompt for email(entity) then only user enter*

Bot: Hi welcome
user: HI was looking for something
Bot: ok, Kindly enter your email address my boss will call u..
user: hola@joy.com (Entity)
Bot: Thanks i sent welcome mail to your email. (Success)

**Scenario 2**
*Here the user enter all required details in one single message which can to extracted by email entity extraction. But how to skip the current intent message and give the success one.*

Bot: Hi welcome
user: Hi i was looking for a HD TV connection.kindly mail possible plans to hola@joy.com

> Bot: <Here bot should not prompt for email so **skip** to next message since user entered email already>

Bot: Thanks i sent welcome mail to your email.(Success)

Thanks in advance.
[https://stackoverflow.com/questions/63034046/i-need-a-help-to-figure-out-right-approach-scenario-in-dealing-with-nlp-for-use](http://Find actual question source (StackOverflow))

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