I want to switch from teaching career to data science in companies



Hi, I have done B.Tech and M.E. in CSE. I have 2 years of teaching experience. I have done Edx(Excel, R,Python, Statistics, Machine learning) and NPTEL(Statistics, Machine learning).

But now i want to join company. following are my question:

  1. will 2 years of teaching experience will be considered in company or i will treated as fresher?
  2. Specifically for which profile ( Data Analyst or Data Scientist) I should apply?
  3. In which companies I should apply at this stage?


Hi, As per my knowledge I am saying this. Teaching experience differ from real time experience. it sounds great that you completed the courses from different sources available in online mode.
Starts up are looking for freshers. Please go through the websites like angel jobs, upload your resume in naukri, indeed, job portals. please try to showcase your projectes in your resume. please don’t highlight your teaching experience.
Hope you got the right answer.


Hi @anujit123

Sorry to tell you this but two years of teaching will certainly considered in the companies I know. B Tech, master for young grad analysts yes specially if you had good marks.
You can always try with companies such as TCS or Accenture.
Best regards