IIIT-B + Upgrad data science course placement statistics? (July 2018)



Kunal posted a great article about the data science diploma program (online) offered by UpGrad in collaboration with IIIT-Bangalore (see the article here). Unfortunately at the time it was too early to discuss placement statistics. It’s been a year now, and I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on how good the placements are. I’ve just completed by undergraduate degree in economics and I have no work experience.

I understand that how you are placed also depends on your own skills, initiative, knowledge and interest – but often these can be obtained through cheaper options (such as Udacity’s nanodegree). The entire point, to me, of taking such a course from a renowned college or institute in India would be placements – I agree that’s a very narrow point of view but I think it’s important when employers care a lot about your academic credentials.

Any info would be appreciated! Thanks! :slight_smile: