Image segmentation query

Hi I have tried implementing this tutorial shared by you for Image Segmentation using Mask R-CNN. Can you please guide me on how to implement the same algorithm for only one class such as person so that it creates boundaries for only person class in a provided sample? What changes do I need to make to the code provided by you? I am trying to start from scratch. I apologize if this comes off as a stupid question. I am in first year of my Bachelors.

Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

@mahnoorarshad, This is not a stupid question at all!

Training a custom segmentation model from scratch can be a bit daunting.
The challenging part is to build a suitable dataset - images with appropriate masks(each pixel in the image needs to be assigned to a class - say ‘inside_object’,‘on_border’,'outside_‘object’)
After creating a dataset, the training part should be relatively easy. Use a pre-trained model.

This seems to be a very good guide.
Also refer this

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