Implementation of data science model



I have made a model on the dataset. Now, I want to put that model on website. So that whenever user gives some input, the model predicts the output. How do I implement/put that model on website ?


@tinkudhull You can define an API for that. Refer


Hi Tinkudhull,

If the model is written in R, or if you happy to re-write it in R. You could use the Shiny Application Framework. It allows you to publish the model with the functionality for users to enter data with different input widget (text box, radio button, drop down lists, slider,…etc).

Here is a tutorial:

Best of Luck.



You need develop a web application API or use a product called YHat. YOu can the shiny link in the response also. most of the times people develop web API.


I went the route of using python as a backend feeding my data to flask/Jinja pages on a simple html site. It was annoying to learn from really AWFUL tutorials and documentation. But once done, it was amazing. Running in the background for a year now without a blip!