Imputation using Boosted trees in R( gbmImpute {imputation})



Has anyone done missing value imputation using this? also imputation package is not available in cran and is not working in latest version of R…any alternative to get this package?


If you want this package go to the CRAN archive then copy the imputation tar file locally and install the package with the option type= source and repo = NULL. In Rstudio no problem.



I have applied the same process as what you discuss but I am getting an error “ERROR: dependencies ‘gbm’, ‘TimeProjection’, ‘locfit’ are not available for package ‘imputation’”.

Now even while installing the package ‘locfit’–I am getting the error!


Which kind of error with locfit? It is in the standard CRAN environment so you should not have any problem


Hi @deepak9oct,

install the packages locfit,TimeProjection and gbm separately and then install imputation by downloading the tar file as suggested by @Lesaffrea,

In case all goes well:

Please do let know if the error persists.