In Master's program in Computer Vision

Respected sir/madam,

This is Mr. Ranganadh Narayanam,

I have registered in Masters program in Computer Vision in Analytics Vidya.

In this in “python for business analytics and data science course” .

at Handling text files in the given assignment.

I am doing reading a file conv.txt which contains the sample text of the question in assignment. I have questions on this assignment:

  1. what is the sample text to paste into the conv file? is it the highlighted content in the given weblink? all the highlighted text we have to paste into conv.txt?

  2. what is the meaning of unique characters in the question? does it mean other than alphabets such as [, ] , etc?

or unique words ie> words which are occurring only one time in the entire highlighted content of the question?

Ranganadh Narayanam.

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