Install tensorflow on windows 32-bit in anaconda(python)

Hi All,
Kindly anyone help me to install tensorflow. I followed the installation steps which is mention on Tensorflow documentation, but not able to install. Please provide the step by step installation process. I am using windows 8.0 32-bit system and anaconda platform.

Head over to anaconda prompt and type in - conda install -c conda-forge tensorflow

Edit - There is no official build for 32 bit systems. You can build it from source, there is a post about using it on ARM 32bit

Getting following Error:

Use this in your command prompt in the environment you are installing your tensorflow

conda install -c hesi_m tensorflow

I hope this works. It did worked for me on windows 32bit.


I had similar problem but after following your instruction "conda install -c hesi_m tensorflow
" tensorflow got installed successfully.

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I had problem after following your instruction “conda install -c hesi_m tensorflow”

Hi Siva, Are you using windows 32 bit IOS or windows 64 bit IOS.because most of the time it won’t properly work on 32bit system.

After successful installation of tensorflow using hesi. How do I import it.

Because if I use
Import tensorflow as tf it does not work

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