Installation Of TensorFlow in docker



Hi All… I am using windows OS machine. It will be helpful if you guide installation of TensorFlow in windows OS… I tried to install it through Docker. But after installation its not reading external data files…

Here is what is taking place in my TensorFlow when I try to run the given practice code:

root_dir = os.path.abspath(“E:…\TFlow” results as ‘/notebooks/E:/TFlow’

I checked print “The current working directory is”, os.getcwd() and it resulted in ‘/notebooks’

As I am using Win 7, so, I installed docker to run TF with python 2.7 [ipython notebook (192.168.99100:8888)], it is not taking the local directories to read files into code. I uploaded the train and test files into the /notebooks path (Jupyter home DIR) but I am not able to upload the images and I am not sure to how to modify the code to read images from ipython notebook home directory.

Even, I am not able to mount windows file system using the below command from Windows cmd.exe or Docker terminal (not Boot2Docker terminal) as :

FOR /f “tokens=*” %i IN (‘docker-machine env --shell cmd default’) DO %i
docker run -v E:/TFlow:/notebooks

Guidance on the issue above will be helpful. Thanks in anticipation.