Installing R in the Amazon Cloud


I am trying to install R in an EC2 instance of AWS. I have taken a free Linux machine. Subsequently would like to use R to run statistical analysis on a pre-created data which I would upload from my desktop to S3 environment.

I have 2 questions:

  1. How do I install R in AWS free Linux Machines. What are the codes I need to run?

  2. Once above is done…how do I execute regression analysis on my data - any set of commands which can help me.


type sudo R. I think AWS free linux has R preinstalled

if not- try this

read FAQ here

then sudo yum update sudo yum install R


or even the freemium Revolution R

Try one instance of this product for 14 days (if it is still available)

hope that helps


i am writing a tutorial on this. you should see it soon on the website