Intent/Context extraction from text



I am trying to extract the intent or context of a given text or a paragraph using R or Python. While we have text mining like DocumentTermMatrix that focuses more on sentiment analysis, I am looking for ways to mention the intent/context when a person writes a statement or a paragraph.
For e.g : “Partying hard. On the rocks with the gang” - This statement tells that a person is having fun or booze in a party.
“Here is an article that explains the problems of having late night parties” - This statement tells that the person is trying to share some information about a topic to which he/she isn’t in favour of. Finally it shows that person isn’t interested in late night parties.
Both statements reflect different personalities. Is there a way that we can do text mining in R or Python to extract such information?



You might want to look at rasa NLU which is generally used by chatbot developers for recognising intents in a text.

Let me know if it helps.


This is good post but Can we use Rasa NLU use in R?