Intermediate Completed, Now want to make a career in Data Science--- Need Guidance



I have completed my Intermediate and i have been in research which domain will be the best in order to make a successful career. Lately i found so many talks about Data Science/Analytics and after looking into it i made my mind to pursue into this domain.

As what i have researched is that Statistics is the main foundation that one need to learn before entering into Data Science and i am thinking to join Degree in BSC Statistics which is a 3 year course.

Actually my aim is to pursue Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree in Data Science and side by side try to build as much knowledge related to Data Science and have good grip in Analytical tools, as i don’t want to end up looking for a course and start fresh after my Masters degree.

I have researched about Data Science quite a while and sometimes i am ending up in confusion as what i need to start first or what i should do order wise. I dont know much about Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence as whether it comes in Data Science or not.

So need help from experts around here like what i need to do like which Bachelors degree will be the best which focus on Statistics/Data Science and if i choose Degree program also what i need to do simultaneously in order to gain as much knowledge before completing my degree. Hope you guys understand what i mean to say :slight_smile: .

A step by step guidance will be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot.


Anyone here who can help/guide me.


Before answering your query I want to establish full disclosure. I have done BSc (Information Technology), MCA and currently I am pursuing MBA-Information Technology Business Management (Data Science Specialization) from Symbiosis International University.

Coming to your query, I’d say that following are few important subjects one needs to be aware of as a data science professional:

  • Statistics, (like you said)
  • Coding (R & Python), (The proprietary tools can only get you so far)
  • Contextual Knowledge (Business Acumen), (often overlooked)
  • Desire to learn consistently,
  • And, of course, a curious mind.

A degree in BSc Statistics shall be very helpful to create a strong foundation for a career in Data Science. However, I’d also say that you yourself are the best judge of your strengths and weaknesses. Based on these you need to decide which aspects you need more time with. If you are good with statistics already but aren’t aware of coding, a BCA might be a more sensible choice. Also make sure you know enough about Data Science to commit to it. It should not happen that you are gravitating towards it just because of the hype.

Lastly, from what I have seen, it is the overall value that you bring to the table as a Data Scientist/Analyst into an organization that will make or break your desirability for a job. There are plenty of people who do not belong to a DS background in the traditional sense, but they worked towards it (usually by the means of online courses) and are now highly revered by the community. Your primary concern should be how much you can learn from your investment. The opportunity cost should be well worth it.

If you are still confused, try to attend few seminars and meet ups of the DS domain, you might be surprised at the amount of intel you can get.

I hope this helps.