Internship after certification course


I am a fullstack developer looking to move into data analytics (workex 3.5 years).
I have taken up a certification course in business analytics, everything has been good so far. But I would like to get some hands-on experience to learn more. I feel that my brain is still hard-wired to work like a developer and I don’t think like an analyst, yet.
For these reason I was thinking of taking up a full-time internship and was looking for some suggestions regarding this.

Which are the companies which would be interested in taking experienced “freshers” as interns?
Also, is there any position for left for internship at AV (for someone with experience)?


@Vartika_Sinha You can try , they provide internship opportunity for the data analytics/ data science also.



I too have same question to ask, is there are any companies which provides internship opportunities to get hands on experience in business analytics for interested experienced professionals ?

I have 2+yrs of working experience in IT industry on different roles and also has Business analytics certification/six sigma green belt certification.


@Vartika_Sinha : I think we need to start our own business analytics company :wink:to solve business problems by supporting and complimenting each other knowledge,skills, experience to excel in Analytics/Data science and also to provide an platform for emerging analytics professionals to get an internship/entry level job opportunities.:relaxed::relaxed:


I am pretty new to this field. But I will let you know if get to know anything about internships.



Currently, We are conducting Hackathon for hiring data science intern. Have a look at AnalyticVidhya hackathon page.

Ankit Gupta



Hi Ankit,

Participated in today’s MCQ AV intern quiz!
So, everyday (till Dec 20) there would be one Hackathon?

Abhishek Das


Thanks for letting me know. Partcipated :slight_smile:


Hi abhishek,

No, you will be communicated for next step.

Ankit Gupta


Is it ok to update profile after we have taken the MCQ?


yes you can


Does the site - provide internship/work from home options for working professional.
They clearly mention that associates who are currently in any year of study or are recent graduates.