Internship in Analytics Vidhya



Do you provide internships??
If yes, then how many times in a year and when??
Also how can I apply and what is the working procedure??



Yes we do…as we are a startup, these get floated based on the need and fit of the work.

We usually float them on internshala. Here is the link to the current internship:



thanks for the reply


Is Analytics Vidhya providing any Internship this December ?
If yes how can i apply?



We will be providing internships, if you will be able to spend at least 2 months.

If that is the case, you can mail your CV to



I am keen to join Analytics Vidhya as an Intern. I think that I possess the
required skills to be part of your team. But Our college vacations is only
of 45 days. Thus I will not be able to do a complete two month internship.
I am attaching my CV and cover letter with this mail. So I request you to
please analyse my case. Waiting for positive response.
Thanking you
Saksham Jain


I am Durga, currently pursuing masters in computer science in Wilmington University. I can work for more than 4 months. I am attaching my resume here. and also forwarded to

Thank you


Kindly refrain from posting your CV here! Please send them over mail.

This is not the right forum to post CVs


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