Interpret result of logistic regression in terms of percentage increase or decrease



Currently I am performing Logistic regression on Attrition Dataset but I want to interpret the result of logistic regression in terms of percentage.I am performing this in R using glm() command and the result which I am getting is in terms of log odds example is given below:
Estimate Std. Error z value Pr(>|z|)
(Intercept) -0.2831 0.4460 -0.635 0.52561
GenderMale -0.4893 0.2096 -2.335 0.01953 *
Location -0.5556 0.4576 -1.214 0.22464
Grade -1.9760 0.4968 -3.978 6.95e-05

Now I want to convert this Estimate to percentage for that i have used this procedure refered from a document convert log odds to odds to probability and then to percentage.
example : log odds = -0.4893 to odds(o) =exp( -0.4893 ) = 0.6130554 then to probability by (o/1+o) = 0.613/(1+0.613) = 0.380 and then to percentage by (1-p)*100 = 1-0.380=0.62 = 62%

but for log of odds like 3.00878 I am getting percentage as -3953% How to Interpret this result . The document which I am folllowing for this conversion is:

Kindly give me the correct approach for interpreting result of Logistic regression in percentage.


Probability can not be more than 1. Please refer the image file attached. Open an excel file and put your log odds figure and you will know the probability