Interview Que - related to what analysis to be used?



Hi All,

I recently attended an interview in which they asked if Amazon has the data for its customers who bought TV, Fridge, Washing Machine. And now Amazon wants to know what else these customers can buy in accessories. What analysis should be used to get answer to this?


Hi Poonia,

Association analysis or market basket analysis can be used. Amazon can use its transaction records to associate what products were purchased along with TV / Fridge / Washing Machine and recommend the accessories which were frequently purchased along with these products.



There are multiple ways to deal with this. As mentioned by karthe1, this is a natural application for association rule or market basket analysis.

But since it is Amazon and you will have huge data, you can almost build separate models for each of these products, predicting the next purchase. This can be framed as a classification problem, stating Y and N for the next class of SKU. This approach will become complex, if you want to predict the exact item and not class.



Kunal sir. Thanks for the clarifications.


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