Intro into Hackathon



Hello everyone I’m totally Beginner to hackathon. Can any expert or anyone good with the online hackathon can guide me. How to get into. What skills are required for the hackathon. What tools to use, how can we make best use of this.

Thanks in advance


Hi @vishnu62

Here is an excellent article to help you get started:

Happy learning!


@AishwaryaSingh Thanks For the article. Happy coding. :sunglasses:


Hi Everyone, I am very new to hackathon and I am participating in genpact online hackathon which is currently running. I am finding issue to submit the solution. I am getting an error message “There is a mismatch in number of columns between solution file and the sample solution”. Could someone please help me on this?


Hi @Jaganath_babu,

I apologize for the delayed response. The file you submit should have only two columns. You probably had three columns (one of them being the index).

For the upcoming hackathons, you can join the respective slack channel to discuss about any issues you face during the hackathon.