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An aerospace engineer by education, data scientist by heart and analytics evangelist by profession. Have been building Analytics Vidhya for ~2 years now, with about 11 months of full time.

On the personal side, I enjoy reading in whatever little time I get. I love gadgets and coding - so feel free to buzz me with any discussion on this topic

Introductions - New members for May 2015


I am a self proclaimed ‘eternal-learner’. I learn everyday, everywhere and everytime. It is being said, Albert Einstein used 7% of his brain, my goal is to equalize this record by reading books.(How will I measure it is still a question to solve :stuck_out_tongue: )

I want to work for the betterment of our education system to make it accessible to unprivileged kids in our society.




First of all, good to be here…I am Aayush Agrawal and am an electrical engineer from NIT Jaipur, who graduated n found his love of the life I.e Analytics and data science… I am currently having 2 years of experience in analytics domain(Mu Sigma and Snapdeal) and exposure to various fields like healthcare , retail and web analytics. I have around 9 MOOCs under my belt and currently my aim is to start preparation for GRE and work on my data science skills by getting into a good US university. In my free time I like to play computer games or learn python to participate in kaggle some day.



Hello everyone,

I am Siddharth Dixit. I have over 2 years of experience in solving risk, fraud and shrinkage problems at Target Corporation.

I like reading and writing ( my blog address). Currently I am focused on learning Python and text analytics.


Hi there! Am I the only woman interested in Analytics here?
My name is Francesca and I work in communication and Marketing and I like understanding the people I work with! So I think Analytics are a great tool for that!
I’m a basic level learner… now, but in a couple of months… who knows! :smile:
Nice to meet you all, guys!


Hi Francesca!

Welcome on-board. There is enough company for you in store!

@chandnijoshi09 & @ritika are the names which come top of my head!

Rest…you will find in coming days.



Hello everyone,

I’m Mohammed Wasim. An Engineer by Degree and working as a Market Research Executive. I have around 2 years of Experience. I’m a self proclaim learner and found the zeal and thrust for learning Analytics before few months. Currently, focused on learning Analytical tools.

On the personal front, I’m a gadget guru and I surf about technologies, gadgets in the free time.

Mohammed Wasim




iam into sap bi apd.APD where we do analytical modelling.since we are going thru some dissatisfaction from client we doing with R.since we are new to R,how does we encash this forum and how to ask doudts related to R


Hi All
I am Shubham Gupta. I am working as database marketing analyst in WNS and I found my love for Data science in last one year. I am actively taking MOOCs on edx and coursera. I am looking forward to participate in the discussion forums. AnalyticsVidhya is best platform for the budding data enthusiasts.
I like cooking and reading novels in my free time.


Hello everyone
I am Harmeet Kaur.I am doing M.Sc.General Economics.I recently developed interest in Data Analytics.But now I want to make my career in the field of Research and Data AnaIytics.I am a beginner.
Presently I am looking for my first internship in this field.Currently I am focus on learning various analytical tools and understanding data science.
I love travelling and spending time in nature.


Hi Everyone,
My name is Varun Rajasekaran. Currently, I am working as a Team Leader in Tata Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and work involves enhancement and support of legacy IT applications belonging to a major European automotive.
I am also a beginner like Harmeet and Francesca…I have done training in SAS,SPSS,Excel VBA and analytics using SAS. Currently learning Tableau on my own and revisiting Excel VBA again.
In my free time, I like listening to pop songs,instrumentals and reading books on various topics.



I am MBA graduate from bangalore. I am passionate towards pursuing a career in the field of analytics. But yet i find it very difficult to get in as a fresher. How to get in to this field?



Hello Everyone,

I’m Karthi…I’m a Statistics graduate from Loyola College, Chennai.I’m Working as a Forecaster in Global Services .I want to make my career in the field of Data Science.


Hi Kunal,

I am Amit Gupta. I have 7 yrs of exp in I.T industry (ETL, datawarehousing). Recently cleared WCBDA certification and looking for job in analytics industry now.


Hello All , I am Anupama and have about 6 years experience in Reporting field. Am quite comfortable working with data but stepped into the field of Analytics only recently. I am a beginner and have some experience working on SAS and some bit on R tools.
Hope to learn more and keep myself updated about the field

Anupama U


Hi Amit

what is WCBDA ?


Hello Fellas !

As a moderator of this forum, I welcome you all to Analytics Vidhya Discuss. Please feel free to share your questions & answers with the community. Let’s there be helpful dissemination of knowledge & learning all around.

Cheers !


I am Mahesh. have 9 years experience in Sale and currently concentrating on analytic side. I am a beginner and would like to improve my knowledge in this domain. Here I am expecting to learn and update myself on the latest trend in this field.



Hi Avnish,

WCBDA is an international certification. Its an acronymn for Wiley Certified Big Data Analyst.