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Just take a minute to explore your discussion mates and say “Hello” to them here. Feel free to ask, answer,discuss, share anything useful in data science / analytics.

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Hello Every one,

I have recently joined this forum and eager to share my knowldege about anlaytics.
I am based in UAE and currently working in Internal Audit Department and use data analytics for day to day activities.
I am keen to go for a full online course on business analytics. I want to be more focussed on business than on technology ( hard code programming ).

Could you guy spleas suggest some good online course availbale? I have heard about jigsaw .



Hi All,

I am Pmitra.

Please can anyone let me know what is Slack? how to log into the SLACK forum ?



I’m working as quality manager in the scope of digital cinema equipments.

I’m using data analytics/big data in order to support root cause analysis of issues. That’s mainly done using free text system log files as well as snmp data.

I’m workding with python3/linux, and I have a lean-6 sigma background which I combine with my knowledge of BD/ML.

Since learning is a never ending story, I’m using this website to become more data fluent.


Hi All,

Just like you all i am a new bee too in Analytics. I have close to 5 year exp in IT, have worked on few tools and PL/SQL, hence was looking forward for industry recognised courses. Have few queries regarding approach i should make to step into this field

  1. Should i take a break in my carrier and do full time analytics course like - Analytics from Praxis Business School or should i go for part time course like courses - IIM B, ISB hyderabad, Great lake Institute, Narsee Monjee BA course? And does it make much difference (full vs part time)?

  2. I have applied for few of these courses
    Great Lake - PGPBA
    Narsee Monjee - Certificate in Business Analytics for Executives

Any heads up from alumni of these certified courses about the program and how should i prepare to get into it would be great help for me.


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