Introductions - New members for July 2015



Welcome to Analytics Vidhya Discussions!

Just take a minute to explore your discussion mates and say “Hello” to them here. Feel free to ask, answer,discuss, share anything useful in data science / analytics.

To get an idea, have a look at introductions from last month:

Looking forward to interacting with you all

Introductions - New members for August 2015

I wouldn’t say i am new to Analytics Vidhya, well actually its been 3-4 months i have been in touch with this awesome site and for the last 2 weeks i have visited more frequently. To tell the truth , this site is my startup page in my browser :slight_smile: .Analytics vidya and @kunal have played a very important part in motivating me to chase my career in analytics. Well I am very new to discussion section and want to learn more from all the data-crazy people in this community.


Its great to be part of analyticsvidhya forum, analyticsvidhya is my first stepping stone to the world of Analytics. Thank you @kunal for your immense contribution to analytics!
To give a brief intro about me, I’m in OpEX and my current role involves me in lot of reporting, analyzing the performance of operations and executing Continual Service Improvements. I have close to 9 years of experience spread across IT & Manufacturing and a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt professional from ASQ.


I am not new to Analytics Vidhya and have been following it for quite few months now. Though for last 2-3 weeks i am browsing through the topics more often.
Cannot miss to mention about the blogs of Kunal here which gives good information on the career front in analytics. However it is nice to see this new blog created so that i can also be part of it :slight_smile:


Hey! I am new to Analytics Vidhya. I got in to this discussion forum due to the intern assessment that is going on till 26th July 2015. :slight_smile:



Been reading the very informative articles from analytics vidya on LinkedIn for a few months and was impressed with the quality of knowledge shared by the authors. I’ve been training myself in R programming, statistical analysis and regression, for about a year now. The upcoming data hackathon inspired me to sign up. I’m eager to test my skills out and learn from the competition. I commend the owner and authors of this wonderful enterprise.



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Welcome to the community! Looking forward to interacting with all of you.

In case you have missed, there is a hackathon coming up this weekend. They are awesome way to learn and compete with people around here.

Check it out, if you have not done so already.


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Hi I am completely new to data science and Analyticsvidhya. Last week i subscribed to the newsletters and by going through the blog /topic couldn’t stop myself to register here by seeing the awesome contents. Hope will learn a lot and will share also. :smile::slight_smile: