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Introductions - New members for June 2015

Hi All,

I am Poorna. I have done my engineering in computer science and have 4.5 years of IT experience. I am looking to to shift my career to analytics as i am passionate about finding insights and patterns in the data and leveraging the same to enhance decision making and improve businesses.


Hi Everyone,
I am Vivek. After two years of experience in IT Industry, I want to become a Data Scientist and help organisations use their data more effectively. With that vision, I am going to pursue MS in Analytics in USA,to develop the required expertise and skill set…

I have been reading Analytics Vidya articles for the last 6 month. I really like the content and tips for aspiring analytics professionals.Looking forward to interacting and learning from all of you.


Hi, my name is Javier I am from Peru, I am currently in Miami where I recenlty graduate from a master of International Business, I want to develop a career in Data Analytics, I have an IT background working for 3 years in IT consulting industry, I want to thank the team of Analytics Vidhya for sharing all this valuable knowledge to all the professionals that are pursuing a career in this interesing field.

Kind Regards




I am Himanshu Khattar, currently working in business research domain from past 2 years. I have done B.Tech for NIT Jalandhar and trying to hunt down a career shift golden-goose chase for myself.

I found analytics very interesting, specifically the use of data to solve the real time situations. So, it would to great to stay in touch and discussion with you guys and hope to get better and bigger chances to explore new careers options for myself.




I am Rashi Rathi. I have done my MCA(Master of Computer Applications) and have 6 years of IT & System Analyst experience. I want to shift my career to Analytics.

I have been following this site for last 8months and found very informative. I have done “CERTIFIED BUSINESS ANALYTICS PROFESSIONAL” course from Edvancer Eduventures institute, pursuing CERTIFIED HADOOP & BIG DATA EXPERT course from Edvancer Eduventures institute and will learn R to get into this filed with full preparation.
I hope it would be a great journey with all you guys where I can learn and explore more about Analytics.



Welcome @poornaramakrishnan, @Vivek, @jdelc027, @Himanshu_Khattar, @mailme8407

Hope you are all comfortable with the portal and are finading value in the community. If you have any queries / feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

If not, please provide a warm welcome to new members in June - you are now a month old in the ecosystem :smile:


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